PERENIO IONIC SHIELD™ Is a Cold Plasma Emitter with a CoV capsule that consists of complex metal ions. The Device intends to significantly reduce and suppress the level of viral concentration in the enclosed area of application (air and surfaces), as tested and confirmed by accredited laboratories.

REFERENCES: * “Sure Laboratories”, United Kingdom, ”Microbiological review of report D/21/V0177” ** “Ekolabos Laboratory”, Poland, "Biocidal effectiveness assessment report – room fogging disinfection “, 29.07.2022 *** Nicosia hospital, Cyprus, Clinical report, 25.10.2021 **** “Laboratory for comprehensive hygiene research”, February 2021.
Legal Notice ** Class A Medical Device for more information, refer to the instructions for use leaflet. 03/03/2022 Perenio IoT spol s r.o Version 1.0.3. Leosteph Healthcare Proprietary Limited. Reg No: 2016/313943/07. PO Box 228, Faerie Glen, Pretoria East, 0443, South Africa. Tel: +27 12 993 2136.