Sensifemme is a self-examination breast cancer glove that increases the sensitivity of touch, allowing detection faster and more accurate of any unknown formation, even lumps the size of a pinhead or a grain of sugar. In the case of breast cancer, its early diagnosis significantly increases the chance of cure.

It facilitates a more uniform palpation and without any resistance or friction that may affect the touch.

It allows detecting more accurate changes in the skin or the structure of the chest.

It works according to the scientific principle of blocking and expansion reducing friction of the movement of the breast during the self-examination.

It increases up to 8 times the sensitivity of the fingers compared to bare hand.

Reliable, practical, comfortable, and economical.

Washable and reusable within 36 months.

Prevention is in your hands

Using the Sensifemme self-examination glove does not replace the necessity for a yearly breast examination by a healthcare professional. ** Class A Medical Device