Dr HL Els, MBChb

I gave the gloves to a patient, 50 years of age, with a family history of breast cancer. I examined the patient, with ordinary latex gloves, and with the Sensifemme glove. The Sensifemme glove felt more sensitive than the latex glove, and I could explain to the patient, how to examine her breast, and what to feel. She reported back, 2 weeks later, and said that she felt comfortable to do self breast examination, and she also recommended it to her friends. I think it should give patients confidence to do self breast examination.

Dr L. Pillay (MBChB;MSc)

Looking after present and retired elite athletes we often see medical issues. I examined a 60+ yr old ex-elite body builder who was concerned about breast discomfort for months. I evaluated her clinically using gloves. She presented identifying a mass in the left outer upper zone breast. Clinical examination confirmed the presence of a possible mass 2cmx1cm, I ask the patient to examine herself, but she failed to identify a mass. She was advised to seek a breast consult as she was not convinced - I gave her a Sensifemme glove and explained how to use it. She soon identified the mass in the same region and decided to present herself to specialist for further evaluation. I believe that the Sensifemme glove brings a clinical perspective to breast self-examination management and will assist in further and future management.